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Professional Qualifications

  • Diploma of Teaching (Home Economics)
  • Teaching Certificate (Dept of Education)
  • Adv. Cert. Fashion Retail (TAFE)
  • Cert. in Teaching Children with Dyslexia (Direct Learning, UK)
  • Dog Judging Diploma (Canine Studies Institute – UK)
  •  Autism Spectrum Disorder – ‘Positive Partnerships’ programme
  • P.A.L. (literacy) – St John
  • Certificate IV – Small Business Management

More Services Available from Krissy 

… Introducing …  to the Illawarra

'Pensioner Pants' (disposing of your disposables) - Service available for pensioners or disabled


'Nice Nappies' (disposing of your disposables)

 Do disposable baby nappies and underwear stink and clog up your bin?

For as low as $15 ($10 for pensioners) a week in the ‘Basic Poo Area’, used, disposable nappies and underwear are collected for removal and disposal.

‘No Poo for You’ ® now provides this service to both pensioners and mums, with bubs of any age still in nappies.

Your situation will be treated with the utmost discretion.

How it Works

  • Pay a small deposit for a disposal bin
  • Service is paid C.O.D. or direct deposit (in advance) for each weekly visit
  • Put used nappies or underwear into the bin as they are changed
  • The bin is collected weekly & swapped with a new bin fresh with liner and sanitiser
  • You don’t need to be home at time of collection – just leave the bin and payment in an accessible place

Teaching Services Available

 Learn to Read - Personalised help with homework, reading, comprehension at home. Revision in basic reading skills for any age. Hourly tutoring rates. Call Christina on 4229 7769    Apollospride Needlecrafts - Personalised Sewing Lessons. Design a programme to suit your needs and learn to sew at home with a qualified teacher. Hourly tutoring rates. Christina - 4229 7769