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In pricing tables, “Basic“, “Extra” and “Mega” refer to the ‘areas’ on the Basic Poo Area page.

How ‘No Poo for You’®Works

No Poo for You’ comes to your home and collects and disposes of dog droppings,

tends your animals while you are away and provides other services you may need for your pets.

Services are not limited to dogs.

I also tend to cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chooks, fish and other animals



Prices are based on:

  • the area where you live
  • the number of animals
  • the type of service/s 
  • Prices quoted are for 1 dog or animal
  • Add $3 for each additional animal
  • Add 50% per day for Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Christmas Day
  • Prices on the website are the current prices and take precedence over any previously published prices

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  • Regular ‘poo pick up’ once or twice a week to –
    • Clear and dispose of droppings
    • Hose and sanitise paved areas if necessary
    • Visually check house and yard security
    • Replenish drinking water
Once a week (one dog)
     Basic   Area
    Extra  Area
  Mega  Area
10 13+  16+
Twice a week (one dog)
     Basic   Area
    Extra  Area
  Mega  Area
18 24 30+



A ‘ONE OFF’ service is a vailable for:-

  • Times when the yard has been left
  • Clean up before BBQs, Open House etc
  • Price on enquiry
  • Prices start at $25 in the Basic area


  • Go away & have a happy holiday, weekend or overnight
  • I tend your animals in the familiar surroundings of their home
  • I make a daily visit to your property
  • For dogs and other animals and birds
  • Daily charge
  • I can make 2 visits a day in Basic and Extra areas for 50% extra of daily charge
  • Vet and emergency contact numbers need to be supplied

Each visit I:

  • Clear and dispose of droppings
  • Hose and sanitise paved areas if necessary
  • Visually check house and yard security
  • Replenish drinking water
  • Feed animals
  • Give medication e.g. tablets, ointment
  • Clean bowls
  • Collect papers and mail
  • Water plants – if necessary

Plus Packages‘ include – 20 minute walk on lead (weather permitting)

**Walks are charged for, only if done.

‘In Home Holidays’ [IHH]

10 13  16+

 ‘Sleepover’ Pack [SO] 

  • This is available ONLY to existing and approved ‘No Poo for You’ clients
  • Guest MUST be reliably house trained and well behaved
  • Guests stay at ‘Apollospride House’ (my home) overnight or for holidays
  • Maximum of 2 dogs at any one time
  • Guests bring own food and medication
  • Enquire for price and conditions

‘In Home Holidays Plus’ [IHH+]

  • Costs as for ‘In Home Holidays’
  • PLUS cost of each walk. 


  • Clear and dispose of dog’s or cat’s dropping
  • Hose and sanitise paved areas if necessary
  • Visually check yard security
  • Replenish drinking water
  • Pensioner prices are for ONE dog
  • Each additional dog is $2 per dog per service
  • Pensioner visits are fortnightly; additional visits may be negotiated
  • ONLY available in Mega area for special circumstances
  • Pensioner discounts may be negotiated on other services to holders of valid Pension Cards

‘Pensioner’ Pack [PEP]

  • For pensioners with small dogs
  • Fortnightly visit
Basic Extra
10 13

‘Pensioner Plus’ k [PEP+]

  • Fortnightly charge and visit

As for ‘Pensioner Pack’ as well as

Every second visit –

  • Bath dog (in house)
  • Clip nails
  • Clean ears
  • Clean teeth if possible
Basic Extra
15 20



  • ‘Poorly Packs’ are intended as a short term solution
  • Help to those temporarily ill or incapacitated and need help with the animals
  • Services can be negotiated for those who are long term ill or disabled

‘Poorly’ Pack [POP]

For those who are temporarily or permanently ill, housebound, incapacitated or disabled

  Once a week visit       Twice a week visit

Basic Extra Basic Extra
10 13 15 20

‘Poorly Plus’ Pack [POP+]

As for ‘Poorly Pack’ as well as

  • 20 minute walk on lead
  • $10 first dog
  • PLUS $5 for an additional dog

 ‘Poorly Shopping’ Pack [PS]

For those who are temporarily or permanently ill, housebound, incapacitated or disabled.
I will shop for groceries, pay bills and any reasonable request.

Not available for Mega area

  • Basic area – $35 per hour + goods
  • Extra area – $40 per hour + goods
  • PLUS $10 each extra ½ hour
  • Pensioners – 10% discount


  • New puppies can become lonely if left for too long during the day. This can cause them to bark and/or become destructive
  • Help alleviate this with a visit around lunchtime to give puppy its lunch and provide some company if left alone
  • This service is geared towards puppies who are growing and learning new things each day
  • Daily charge prices quoted are a daily charge for 1 (one) puppy
  • Each additional puppy negotiable at at least 50% extra of the quoted price

‘Puppy’ Packs include poo service with-

  • ½ hour at home during day with puppy
  • Lunchtime feed
  • Company, play and socialising

‘Puppy Plus’ Packs include poo service with-

  • 1 hour at home during day
  • Lunchtime feed
  • Company, play and socialising
  • 10-15 minute lead and/or sit-stay training
  • If required, training can be replaced by a 15-20 minute walk on lead

‘Puppy’ Pack [PUP]

Basic Extra Mega
20 25 30



‘Puppy Plus’ Pack [PUP+]

Basic Extra Mega
35 40 45


‘Educating Puppy’ [EP]

  • Help with introducing puppy to family and acceptable behaviour.
  • Assists children in handling a new puppy
  • ½ hour +
Basic Extra
$38 per hour $45 per hour


‘In Home Puppy Socialising’ [IHPS]

include poo service with –

¾ hour at home during the day

  • Lunchtime feed
  • Clean bowls
  • Company, play and socialising for puppy
  • 15 minute walk on lead with lead training
Basic Extra
$30 $35



Gift Vouchers [GV] Available to any nominated value

‘Retail Therapy’ for Pets [RT]

  • A shopping list for your pet is collected
  • PLUS 3 other items such as bread and other non-perishable foods.
  • Pre-paid
  • Available in Basic area
  • Transport to shop
  • Buying goods
  • Delivery to home

Flat price –

  • $30-$35 per hour plus cost of goods


‘Grooming Guidance’ [GG]

  • Assistance to learn basic coat care and general grooming of your canine pal.
  • Instruction with some demonstration
  • Hourly rate
Basic Extra Mega
$40 $45 $50



‘Nails, Ears and Teeth’ [NET]

  • Attention to these is given as required if the dog is reliable
  • Teeth only done if dog allows it
  • 1/2 hour allowance
Basic Extra
$20 $25


‘During the Day’ Minding [DDM]

I spend time during the day keeping your dog company, combined with a walk on lead if required.

  • ½ hour with 10-15 minute walk on lead
  • add $3 for each additional dog
Basic Extra
20 25



‘Walking Woofers’ [W]

  • Walking service is available for selected dogs in the Basic and Extra area
  • Dogs walked ON LEAD only
  • Walks by ‘No Poo for You’ are 20 minute duration
  • Prices are for 1 dog
  • An additional dog is $7 extra
  • Dogs MUST be trained to walk in a controlled manner on the lead – training is NOT given
  • If your dog needs lead/walk training, this is available through ‘Naughty Dog School’s’  “walk and train” programme
  • Once a dog has successfully passed this programme, it will be accepted for walking by ‘No Poo for You’
Basic Extra
15 18

 ‘Client’s Choice’ [CC]

  • As determined by client
  • $30-$35+ per hour

Kennels and Litters [KL]

  • General help with kennels and/or litters, lunchtime feeds.
  • By arrangement and negotiation

Time Saving Transport [T]

Puppies and/or adult dogs are taken to and from veterinarian during the day for needles, removing stitches or regular check ups (not illness)

  • Transport to and from vet
  • Time at vet
  • Available in Basic and Extra areas ONLY

Prices start at $35 – $40 per hour