Happy Hounds

Hello, I’m Rosie O’Grady. The way I look here (veeeeeeery beautiful), you wouldn’t think I do that yukky thing. Well I do ... then Arnty Krissy comes to pick up my poo! She looks really, really hard in the yard ‘cause they’re only little, but she’s good … And when she’s finished, I feel better ‘cause I’ve got a nice clean yard to start all over again.

I really should be called ‘Prince Charles’  but my family just calls me ‘Charlie’. But I’m Not Happy … ! I want to be the first dog in my street to have my own Excrement Eliminator, but mum has already spent her money on my Chanel Winter Attire and my genuine diamond studded collar.  I have to wait till NEXT week. At least I look the best!

My elderly mummy was going to send me to another home because she has trouble getting around the house and picking up my poo. But my Arnty Krissy comes and cleans our courtyard and makes it nice and fresh for me. From ‘Pixie’

‘Travis’ is the name And surfin’s the game. Mike says he doesn’t have time to clean the yard.  Love it when he does, ‘cause it means we’re off surfing. Thank goodness for Arnty Krissy!!

‘Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s off to work I go …….’ And when I come home, Arnty Krissy will have been and the yard will be clean. ‘K.C.’ alias ‘Aust.Ch. Kings Counsel CDX’