Give Me Your Poo!

Set the Trend! Be the first on your street and see  how envious the neighbours are as you sit on the  deck with a cuppa or a glass of bubbly  while they search for deposits.

Once Fido’s taken care of and securely locked away if he needs to be,

I come and collect your dog’s poo from the yard and dispose of it.

How often you ask?

Well, that depends on what you want.

Once a week is OK for one small or medium sized dog,

but the larger  the dog and more dogs there are, the more often you might need me.


I can do an initial clean up if it’s been left a while,

or even a ‘one-off’ if you have a special reason like an ‘Open House’ or a barbeque.

Each visit I:

  • Clear the yard of droppings and dispose of them
  • Check the dog’s water
  • Visually check gates and house
  • Hose and disinfect paved areas if necessary

‘In Home Holidays’

Put your feet up on the Gold Coast while I....

  • Feed your dogs and/or other animals [chooks included]
  • Clear droppings [cat trays included]
  • Water plants
  • Collect mail