What is ‘No Poo For You’?

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Worth Every Penny!

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‘No Poo for You’, established in 2008 is a unique Pet Care Service in the Illawarra, designed to make caring for your pet easier.

Krissy,  who owns the ‘No Poo for You’  business has had 35 years experience in purebred dogs and would now like to help you with your dog.

She not only collects and disposes of your dog’s droppings, but provides other services you may need for your dog or other pets, like feeding and walking. If time’s short, she will look after your pet when you’re busy or on holidays, even your new puppy’s lunchtime feed or training.

Krissy makes sure your pet is cared for while you are ill or incapacitated and can help with shopping, transport and other things you need to do and can’t manage.

And not only are your dog’s left overs taken care of! … disposable nappies and underwear can also be collected and disposed of.

Should your youngster need help with reading skills, tuition can be provided to help him or her catch up. Krissy can give guidance with homework and also teach students of all ages and stages to sew.

Prices & information regularly updated       

These are some services you can order…

  • ‘Poo Packs’
    Collection and disposal of dog and other animal droppings on regular or ‘one off’ visits.
  • ‘Happy Holidays’
    For all animals and birds in their own home; feeding, clean yard, collect mail etc.
  • ‘Pensioner Packs’ & ‘Poorly Packs’
    Fortnightly visit for pensioners with small dogs.
    For those who are ill, housebound, incapacitated or disabled; shopping also done.
  • ‘Puppy Packs’
    Lunchtime feed, company, play and socialising, training, walking.
  •  ‘Pamper Packs’
    Tidying nails, ears and teeth; washing; grooming guidance.
  •  ‘Special Services’
    Walking; help with kennels and/or litters;  lunchtime feeds; daytime transport to and from vet  for needles, stitches or check ups; whipper snipping long grass; visiting service for housebound; other animal droppings collected; day care and minding.
  • ‘Nice Nappies’ and ‘Pensioner Pants’
  • Used, disposable nappies and underwear collected for removal and disposal.
  • ‘Tuition’
    In reading skills; help with homework; learn to sew.

Look in ‘Worth Every Penny’ and ‘You Want More’ to find out prices and more information…